Our Story

Organic skin care for a clean conscience

As the light of the African dawn awakens the vast continent in a symphony of light, secrets of ancient medicinal remedies and rejuvenation, gifted from one of Earth’s most prolific plant kingdoms, are revealed.
All under the mighty planet Jupiter.

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Our Story

I was motivated by a strong desire to help my Mom’s skin lesions and deeply discolored purple and black bruising on her arms and legs, not to mention the hyper pigmentation and liver spots which in turn were precipitated by skin cancer.

Can you imagine watching someone you love in pain and discomfort? We became frustrated with the products that were available. Either they didn’t work; some even compounded the problem, or were filled with chemicals. We also felt they were made with no concern for the environment. Where was the love? The final straw was when my wonderful Mom refused to wear short sleeved tops and dresses anymore because she felt shameful about her skin.

I had to find a solution for her. It had to be 100% natural and would not poison or harm her or her skin in anyway. Nature inspired, I sought only the finest quality and the purest ingredients and I vowed I would leave no stone un-turned.

Jupiter Botanics
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The Journey

So began what I can only describe to you as a journey of the soul. In pursuit of sacred knowledge, I embraced a remarkable path that over the years yielded the most extraordinary synchronicity and enlightening experiences.

My exploration began with the southernmost region of the vast and ancient African continent which is arguably unrivaled for its magnificent variety of flora and fauna.

My love for the land and my Mum… and their matchless beauty, inspired me to delve deep into the continent’s rich botanical diversity in search of its ancient and timeless knowledge.

Over time, through patience, listening and learning, the hidden tapestry of plants and their beneficial properties to mankind in Africa began to reveal itself. The revelations and discoveries were in bits and pieces and learnt largely through engaging with a variety of African tribal elders or “keepers of the knowledge”. The wealth of their understanding of nature and its healing and rejuvenative offerings are understood by precious few from the western world.

In the true spirit of “ubuntu” over time they shared their atavistic and traditional African medicinal knowledge. Born from the necessity to survive and protect the skin from the harsh African climate.

Seed and flower oils have played a very big role in the daily lives of countless tribes throughout the African continent for thousands of years. Each tribe garnered and passed down from generation to generation the time honored knowledge that allowed them to meticulously extract and use these highly prized and deeply treasured oils for skin rejuvenation, protection and repair.

Different tribes sourced different oils that were specific and unique to their habitat. Each oil offered its own unique and magical healing and anti-ageing properties.

After innumerable trips, miraculous encounters and years of research my first product Jupiter Oil inevitably birthed.

Intelligent Nutrition

You probably already know this but Jupiter Oil is a blend of only finest and purest cold pressed organic seed and essential flower oils you can find on my continent. They all work together to provide your skin with the highest quality organic skin nutrition to ensure your skin returns to optimal condition.

Every raw ingredient personally and ethically sourced directly from the primary supplier from every part of Southern Africa. Our extraordinary botanicals, seed and flower oils originate from some of the most remote and untouched eco environments in the world. They all offer unique qualities providing endless skin care potential and are carefully selected to create products that holistically enhance your life through feeding your skin only the purest organic nutrition whilst working wonders on a range of skin conditions.

Many of our oils are wild craft organic, meaning that we work with communities in eco zones that go into nature and harvest what nature provides. This is accomplished with the utmost respect, in a bio dynamic environment free from farming, pollution, pesticides and human interference. Most importantly, in a sustainable manner by communities that have respect for plants and live in harmony with nature and themselves with a view to future generations.

In science, it is harnessing the remarkable power of fusing nature with cosmeceutical science in order to bring about real changes to the skins appearance. Nature continues to astound and amaze me with her genius. With nature, you are in the hands of an intelligence that is so great I am humbled daily in the visible miracles that I have witnessed with these mystical yet natural and potent formulations.

Needless to say Jupiter Oil not only reduced the bruising and repair time on Mum’s skin by 80%, it also faded her hyper pigmentation and liver spots and most importantly of all, assisted with the healing of her skin cancer to such a degree that she never had to have any of her lesions removed. However, should you have skin issues that concern you; it is always advisable to seek a medical specialist’s opinion.

What never ceases to amaze me is the constant and relentless positive feedback from my clients. It is my motivation to continue and why I literally jump out of bed in the morning. I can’t wait to share the love and the elated responses from people that the 100% natural formulas really work. I often find myself choking up and imagine I will continue to from the joy and gratitude I receive from ecstatic valued customers at the improvement in their skin across a variety of skin conditions ranging from cosmetic to cosmeceutical. As a result many of them have become close friends.

  • Naturally influenced
  • Environmentally conscious
  • Handmade
  • Small batch manufacturing
  • Created with pure loving intent for Mum and now for you

Know that you are receiving only the finest plant based skin care products that work in harmony with your skin’s natural chemistry. I wouldn’t offer my Mum anything less and neither should you.

At Jupiter Botanics we apply alternative sustainable technologies using non-toxic and organic ingredients to help boost the best nature has to offer.

We protect the purity and effectiveness of our ingredients by applying precise standards to how the ingredients are sourced, grown, cultivated and processed. This ensures their potency and authenticity when applied to your skin.

We don’t cut corners and we are meticulous about details.

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Jupiter Botanics

Inspired by Positive Results

Jupiter Oil is inspired by an ancient formulation of organic essential and cold pressed seed oils transfused in an intricate process that harmonically creates a skin serum that really works. With an astonishingly powerful vibration of healing for many skin ailments, and a remarkable range of healing attributes that can be used for many applications.