Don’t get on a plane without Jupiter Oil and how to deal with cold weather

dont get on a plane without jupiter oil

Think about it like this: if you were to soak 100% cotton t-shirt in water, it would normally take about an hour and a half to dry.

Now if you took the exact same wet t-shirt and put it on an air plane, 35,000 feet above ground, it would take less than 30 minutes to dry completely!  This is because very little moisture is present in the air on a plane.

Through osmosis, the air absorbs moisture from wherever it can (i.e. your skin). However, with Jupiter Oil, your skin can emerge from a plane flight fully hydrated.

What not to do

Do NOT spray your skin with any type of hydrating mist during the flight
The dry air in the plane is already seeking water, so spraying your face with mist only causes the dry air to soak up that moisture from the top layers of your skin until it is completely evaporated.

The best way to avoid dryness:

Before The Flight: Apply Jupiter Oil to your face.

  • The essential fatty acids (omegas 3, 6, and 9) help soothe skin, keeping it moist, nourished, and rejuvenated for long periods of time.
    During The Flight: Drink lots of water.
  • This is not directly related to skincare, but drinking water will keep your entire system hydrated and is healthy for your cells when trapped in a cabin of dry air.

After The Flight: Cleanse your face.

  • Skin can become sensitive after a flight, so avoid using grainy scrubs that could potentially scratch or irritate your skin. Instead, use a cleanser with Jupiter Oil. This way, you can continue to reap the benefits of Jupiter Oil while simultaneously removing dry skin cells that may have accumulated during the flight.


Whether you live somewhere with snowy weather or you’re simply going on a winter vacation, your skin will undoubtedly encounter problems at the hands of snow, wind, and cold air. Here are three cold weather skin problems that you may face, along with three Jupiter Oil-based solutions…

Problem #1: Dry Face and/or Red Cheeks

The low levels of moisture in the air outside, combined with the indoor heating inside, ultimately dehydrates skin. Without protection from these extreme conditions, skin can become very dry, flaky, blotchy, and even red.

Solution: Instead of lotions, apply Jupiter Oil to your face twice a day as a moisturiser. The vitamin A has soothing properties that will keep your face nourished and hydrated in cold weather conditions. For extra protection, combine this daily moisturising routine with a Jupiter Oil based, non-drying cleanser at night.

Problem #2: Dry Hands and/or Calluses

Not only does cold weather dehydrate your skin, but it also dries out your hands and cuticles. It is quite common to develop dry or flaky skin around the cuticle area and you may even find that calluses have formed on the bottoms of your hands.

Solution: Fill a bowl with warm water and add several drops of Jupiter Oil. Soak your hands in the bowl for 5 to 10 minutes. Pat your hands dry with a towel and then add two drops more of Jupiter Oil directly to the tops of your hands to ensure extra protection. This should heal any dryness or irritation because the linoleic acid (Omega 6) in Jupiter Oil will help your skin retain moisture.

Problem #3: Chapped Lips

The cold wind may cause your lips to dry out and crack. This is because the skin on your lips is very thin, so it contains far less oil glands than the skin on your face.

Solution: Jupiter Oil serves as a hydrating lip balm. The essential fatty acids in Jupiter Oil (Omegas 3, 6, and 9) all contribute to the process of soothing, nourishing, and hydrating dry lips, even in the presence of harsh, cold winds.